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Generac portable generators can be bought in a variety of features for quick and easy use.

Electric power today is an critical necessity in life. You need it to light up your homes, turn your computer on and you need it to make your electronic appliances work. It is a fact that a time will come that you will need a generator for your household or for your business. Homeowners and business owners alike have learned that they can lose power anytime for a lot of reasons. It may be a blown transformer or it may be because of natural disasters, such as earthquakes or hurricanes. This is why you may need a portable generator to provide you with the electricity you need. Because you must be unconditionally certain that your generator is trustworthy and safe, it is best to buy a generator form a well known manufacturer.

Generac is a leader in portable generators and dedicated to providing durable and reliable units. They offer a range of wattage to choose from, all with convenience in portability in mind.

Service Manual: Small AC Generator Service Manual, Volume 2: Covers complete maintenance and repair information for most portable generator models more...

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generators Ė What You Need to Know

Are you bothered with the rising of gas prices? Well, a lot of motorists are and they definitely want to find an alternative fuel that is less costly. Car owners are trying really hard to reduce their gas expenses but to no avail. Before you trade your car for a so-called hybrid car, why not try building a hydrogen fuel cell generator. But before anything else, you need to know some things about it.

If you think that fuel cell generators are science fiction, youíre quite wrong. Well, who would immediately believe that an automobile will run using water? Today, nothing is impossible and youíve got our advanced technology to thank. A lot of developments have taken place as well as new discoveries. Fuel cell generators are science reality. True enough, if you simply put water in your carís tank, it wouldnít run. But with the aid of a fuel cell generator, your car can be provided the needed power.

You will still be using gasoline even if you already have a fuel cell generator in your car. Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen. The fuel cell generators will then extract the needed energy from the hydrogen found in water. Your car will still run even if you run out of gas.

Before you had the fuel cell, youíre using 100% gas. Once the fuel cell generators are installed in the car, you will only be using around 60% of gasoline and the other 40% car power will come from the extracted hydrogen. Try to imagine driving for longer hours without actually refueling at the gas station; compute how much money you can save.

At present, hydrogen powered cars are still being manufactured and completed; so cars today that use alternative hydrogen fuel will not completely run. Only a portion of hydrogen power helps run your car engine. A certain process called electrolysis takes place in the fuel cell generator. This process will then supplement your carís gas. The process happens continuously inside the cells and so there is enough hydrogen to power your car.

Perhaps youíre attention is already caught. Now, a great thing about hydrogen fuel cell generators is that you can build it yourself. You donít need to invest a huge amount of money. You can even build the fuel cell over the weekend. A single fuel cell generator roughly costs $150. If you purchase the kit for a single cell generator, it includes the instructions to build the fuel cell.

The instructions are not hard to understand since they are written step by step. Even DIY beginners can build a fuel cell generator. As car owner, you already know how to maintain the carís good condition. Therefore, building a hydrogen system in your car will surely be not that difficult.

Hydrogen fuel cell generators are not myths. It is already a proven fact and a lot of car owners are already benefiting from hydrogen powered vehicles. In every project, there is a limitation and that is also true with fuel cells but at least, you can cut down your gasoline expenses.

With the rising prices of almost every commodity in the market, you will need all the help to save some money. Get a fuel cell kit now and build your very own hydrogen fuel cell generator.